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Learn more about impeller mixing action

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Impellers are designed for your specific application as there is not one mixing impeller that can suit every mixing requirement and process. Below we focus on learning a little more about impeller technology and mixing action in order to help you find the right impeller choice for your needs.

What type of impellers can we purchase from Mixquip?

At Mixquip, we cover a variety of mixing impeller products which are classified across 4 mixing action categories. Each impeller type converts the energy given from the motor in different ways, and knowing these types helps you select the correct impeller for your application. We have axial flow, radial flow, axial & radial flow combined, tangential flow as well as high-shear.

What is the difference between axial flow and radial flow over against axial combined with radial?

Axial flow pattern improves solid suspension and stratification providing top to bottom motion around the tank or mixing vessel. Radial flow pattern produces some high-shear due to the angle of the blades which is generally used for low-level mixing that take place in larger tanks where gas/liquid mixing and dispersion is required.

What are the key points I should consider when choosing an impeller?

There are a number of different considerations that are required before selecting the best impeller choice for your application. The most important factor is viscosity as this can impact several aspects of impeller choice and design. The tank size, design and placement is also of consideration and lastly there is a choice of what material to use for the impeller which all will depend on what you are mixing and your desired results. As standard we use 316 Stainless Steel for the impellers as this is the most common and durable material, however on occasion we can specify other materials of choice. Our team are always available to help with impeller selection if you have further questions on out impeller options.


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