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Gums & Thickeners

Gums & Thickeners

Gums and thickeners are used within preparation of many food products. Having the best mixer for this process is important in order to achieve smooth and consistent results.
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Dispersion of Gums and Thickeners

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Gums and thickeners are used in the production of almost every food product. At Mixquip we understand the difficulties associated with incorporating these dry powders into solution as the powders are difficult to disperse, often forming agglomerations throughout the product due to the partially hydrated material with the dry powder. After these agglomerations form, mixing times are lengthened as it takes longer for these lumps to break down resulting in poor quality and inconsistency across manufacturing of batches.

Working with Mixquip and our engineers, we look at your process and provide our best suited mixing solutions that provide the benefit of dispersing the powders, disintegrating any agglomerates and increases surface area of the powder to the liquid, achieving agglomerate free and consistent results.

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Understanding mixing for gum and thickener processes

What types of gums and thickener applications can I use a Mixquip agitator for?

Our mixing solutions and high-shear mixer options are suited to a range of powders into liquids. We have worked across applications using:
– Xanthum Gum
– Guar Gum
– Gelatin
– Starch
– Pectin
– Alginates
There are many more applications where the addition of gums or thickeners are required. If it is not listed above, contact our team and we’ll help you to select your best mixing option where your process matters.

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