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High Shear Mixers Powder Liquid Mixer – Series 620

Powder Liquid Mixing
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Powder Liquid Mixer: Series 620

Solids dispersion remains to be one of the most enduring processing challenges in Industry today. The Mixquip Series 620 is ideal for dispersing hard-to-wet powders into liquid without agglomeration, floating or dusting. The Series 620 takes a ground-breaking approach to mixing powders into liquids. Traditional Powder-into-Liquid mixers often use a vacuum to pull in powders into the liquid stream whereas the Mixquip 620 actually drives powder into the liquid stream. This not only allows it to disperse and hydrate large volumes of hard-to-wet powders and additives, it means it can be accomplished with high viscosity products and at varying temperatures.


Agglomerate-free, consistent product, every time
Suitable for operation at varying temperatures
Hygienic and sanitary design that is easy to clean and CIP.
Rapid powder incorporation rates of up to 150 kg/min
Suitable for higher viscosity mixtures of gels, gums, and thickeners
Reduced energy consumption as an additional product pump is not necessary.
Easy to load, low ergonomic design
Water flush seal design ensures seals are lubricated for extended process run times.
Lower maintenance with extended seal life.
All 316 stainless steel wetted components and 304 stainless steel frames.
Critical high-speed components precision machined from solid 316 stainless steel
Super Duplex and other corrosion resistant alloys available.

Watch in action

Mixer Options

Integrated CIP Cleaning
Bag Table & Hopper Vibrator
Mobile Trolley
High Flow Stator
High Shear Stator
Control Cabinet with VF Drive & Automation

How It Works


The self-pumping mixer recirculates liquid from the process vessel through the workhead at a high velocity.


After the powder is added in the funnel, the valve under the funnel is opened and the materials are drawn into the mixing chamber and subjected to intense mixing in the chamber by the high-speed rotor.


The powder and liquid components are forced through the high shear work head and are instantly combined as they are subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear. The resultant mix is pumped into a vessel.

Technical Information

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Series 620 High-Shear Powder Liquid Mixer