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Clamp-on Mixers – Series 50

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Clamp-on Mixer: Series 50

The Mixquip Series 50, portable pneumatic or electric clamp-on mixers, are designed with flexibility in mind and are suitable for mixing fluids of light to medium viscosity materials. Operating angles are easily adjusted for the most efficient mixing position for each application. All Mixquip® clamp-on agitators incorporate advanced safety features, such as flameproof motors electrical isolator switches and variable speed controllers as part of our extensive range of mixing equipment.

In the face of a universal energy conscious society, and ever-increasing energy costs service providers are utilizing the efficient Mixquip® agitators and stirrers for the effective mixing and blending of quality products and processing. With these current demands, Mixquip®, has developed high energy efficient clamp-on mixers with a low shear rate which in turn reduces the power consumption by returning as much as 65% more agitation per kilowatt over and above other conventional agitator units.


Flexible design includes universal clamp assembly.
Fully adjustable enables shaft entry angle variation in two planes
Hygienic construction
Range of impeller options enables multipurpose usage
Reduces the power consumption by returning as much as 65% more agitation per kilowatt
Portable, durable and robust design

Mixer Options

Australian made quality mixers that can be used to blend and mix any liquids of viscosities up 15,000 cPs. Clamp-On Agitators can be simply fitted to most open top tanks up to 8,000 litres and relocated to additional vessels. For ease of use, Mixquip Clamp-On Mixers include swivel joint assembly allowing shaft angle adjustment to be varied by up to 30° in two planes obtaining optimum mixing position.

Direct Drive

High-speed direct drive mixer suitable for low viscosity fluids.

Gear Drive

Low-speed gear drive mixer suitable for all range of viscosities.

Variable Speed

Both direct drive and gear drive units are available with variable speed drives for 240V, single phase and 415V, three phase.

Choice of Impeller

Range of impeller designs to ensure your exact requirements can be met. The Series 50 can be supplied with more than one impeller giving the ability for it to be used across different processes and tank sizes.


Enables easy mixing of liquids in hazardous and volatile areas.

Stainless Motor
Pneumatic Motor

240V single phase & three phase motors available. All stainless steel drives available. Converting compressed air energy into mechanical work, these motors are very flexible as the speed can be adjusted by varying the air supply volume relative to your needs.

Split Shaft

Split shaft options gives the ability to change lengths for different height tanks.


The Mixquip Series 50 can be fitted quickly and simply to open top tanks, turning a basic storage facility into an efficient mixing vessel. The mixers are designed with flexibility in mind and are suitable for mixing fluids of light to medium viscosity.

Adjustments are made quickly and easily achieved through the simple design. With a range of impellor and drive options, the mixer can be used for a large number of different processes.

What our clients say

  • We required a simple mixer that would be able to carry out a variety of functions, and the Series 50 Clamp-on mixer supplied by Mixquip has really performed. The ability to easily adjust angle variation, as well as the impeller head, enables us to use this over a variety of our processes. We have certainly seen the benefit.

    Anthony / Food & Dairy Industry

Technical Information

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Clamp-on Mixing - Series 50


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