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Top Entry Agitator – Series 400

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Top Entry Agitator: Series 400

Mixquip Series 400 comprises a range of heavy duty top entry agitators for the most arduous applications and environments. These high efficiency top mount agitators are ideally suited for heavy duty mixing requirements in Pharmaceutical, Mining, Fertilizer, Solids Suspension, Blending, Chemical Processing, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Food and Beverage. These robust mixers can include sealed-for-life bearing and water flush mechanical seals for longevity. Industrial grade agitator shafts and impellers can be manufactured from 316 stainless steel, 2205 Duplex alloys or in extremely corrosive environments, using titanium. Mixquip Impeller designs include pitched blade turbines, hydrofoils, Mixquip Dispersers and the cutting edge ToroJet technology. Mixquip ToroJet Impeller has proven successful to provide homogeneous mixing of heavy slurries and viscous products, in open and closed top vessels. Rapid mixing of liquids and powders, maintaining solids in suspension, ph correction and aerating products plus many other duties are achievable, by drawing on 45 + years of mixing know-how and unique Mixquip experience.



Mixquip Series 400 Top Entry Agitators are designed to mount directly onto the vessel or tank via the stainless steel pedestal. Alternatively, for mixing plastic tanks or concrete pits the agitator can be supplied with a bridge support structure to “sit-over” the tank or inground pit. Multiple agitator impellers, equi-spaced up the shaft are frequently used for tall, small diameter tanks.


Mixquip Top Entry Agitators include sealed-for-life bearings, quality couplings & fixings, and drives from reputable manufacturers. Most outdoor installations use IP66 rated protection for agitator drives and VFD’s, if fitted. The pedestal riser mounting of the agitator has a large removable cover to access mechanical seals if maintenance is needed


Mixquip provide a wide range of impeller options with in-house designs, customized to suit specific requirements of a mixing process. Large diameter radial type impellers are often used to mix short, squat tanks whilst the innovative ToroJet is used for more viscous solutions. Series 400 Gate Style Impellers are used for chocolate and other sensitive food & beverages.


Hollow or solid shafts on these Series 400 Top Entry Agitators, are manufactured for most tank heights, with support provided by bearing housings and in-tank foot bearings, where required. Flameproof drive top entry agitators are often required for mixing chemicals and dangerous goods.


Series 400 top entry mixers are constructed from a wide variety of special alloy materials which include modular investment castings to suit a broad spectrum of applications and individual process environments. PTFE coatings on the agitator shaft and impeller are available, when mixing corrosive products.


From concept through to manufacture, allowing you to achieve the ideal mixing solution for optimum performance and providing maximum return on investment. All Mixquip agitators and mixer are manufactured in Australia, backed by local support.


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