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Beverage Industry Agitators & Mixers

Beverage mixing and blending plays an important part in the process and manufacture of formulations for drinkable products.
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Mixing Equipment for Beverage Production

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Beverage mixing and blending has become more complicated with increase in more complex formulations for drinkable products such as sports drink, protein smoothies, energy drink, new sodas as well as new artificial sweeteners and plant-based products. The demands of these products require an efficient and reliable mixing system in order to reduce mixing times and the use for multiple pre-mix stages.

Challenges faced in blending and mixing of beverages:
  • Long mix times
  • Multiple-stage pre-mixing, increasing costs in operation
  • Incomplete dissolution causing agglomerates and fish-eyes which require filtering
  • Using high-cost liquids due to inability to process powdered ingredients
The Solution

Correct mixing reduces solid addition time and total mix time for each batch. Increasing mix times and reducing lumps and fish eyes can help improve blends and improve profits. Mixquip designed and manufactured sanitary mixers and blenders will enable costs savings on cleaning time, CIP costs and production line down-time between batches we well as ensuring efficient powder to liquid incorporation to create the best blend for your beverage.

  • High Shear Mixers enable rapid incorporation of solids with successful dispersions and stable emulsions.
  • Top Entry Agitators and tank mixers are sized appropriately for proper mixing and cleanability.
  • Inline mixers can be used where complex mixtures require multi-shaft agitation to achieve consistent results in viscous blends.

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