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Flavour Emulsions

Flavour Emulsions Industry Agitators and Mixers

Made through high-shear processes, flavour emulsions are used in a wide range of foods, carbonated drinks as well as dairy products.
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Mixing Equipment for Flavour Emulsions

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Manufacturing of flavour emulsions is a critical process in making various foods, sauces, carbonated drinks and other beverages. All emulsions are comprised of thickeners, gums, essential oils and stabilizers that require to be wetted out, hydrated and deagglomerated. Hydration of gums and thickeners can prove as one of the most difficult mixing operations. Manufacturers batch-up and oil-based premix phase and water premix phase, merging them together into one tank, agitating slowly overtime until the gums are hydrated and the emulsifiers keep the emulsion in suspension. However, this process is often time-consuming and expensive.

Mixquip offers high-shear solutions for the manufacture of flavour emulsions. Mixquip high-shear mixers and emulsifiers ensure consistent product quality, maximise the yield of raw materials as thickening agents are fully hydrated and other ingredients fully dispersed, provide a stable emulsion and reduce mixing times.

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Understanding mixing in flavour emulsion manufacturing

What high-shear mixer would I use for my flavour emulsion manufacture?

Dependent on the batch size, formulation, type of ingredients and the viscosity of the end product will dictate what Mixquip high-shear agitator is best suited for your processing requirements. Speak with our team if you have a specific application and require a machine to handle the processing of your flavour emulsions.

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