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Mixquip-Series110-Side Mount-Mixer

Agitator Mixer Tanks Side Entry Agitator – Series 110

Side Entry Mixing
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Side Entry Agitator: Series 110

Mixquip® side entry agitators are an advanced approach to in-tank process mixing. These Australian made agitators can now be simply fitted to blend and mix any liquids in pressure vessel mixing requirements. These highly efficient Agitators provide low-shear agitation when fitted with Mixquip® Superflo™ propellers, producing high flow while using less energy. The Series 110 incorporates state of the art removable mechanical seal design and efficient Superflo agitator. The easy step-by-step replacement of the seal requires no need for tank entry which in turn decreases WHS risk, reduces downtime and results in no loss of product. Tedious confined space entry procedures are eliminated as all seal servicing is done outside the tank.


Efficient mixing or blending to stored products

Mixquip’s Series 110 agitator has been carefully designed to maximise the efficiency of mixing. Our mixer options for the Series 110 include the most efficient designs available with the highest degree of mix in the shortest time whilst keeping energy consumption low.

Excellent Liquid Movement

Excellent liquid movement past in-tank heat transfer surfaces such as coils, tank jackets and spears that reduce ice build-up or fouling.

Prevents the settling or layering of stored products
Easy Step-by-Step Removeable Seal

Easy step-by-step removable seal reducing downtime in servicing the seal. The seal is removed and replaced while holding liquid in the tank resulting in no need for product transfer, no lost product, and a safer procedure.

Emergency shutoff

Series 110 agitators incorporate mechanical seals with an emergency shut-off device to facilitate maintenance procedures and OH&S requirements. 

Impeller Options

Mixquip provide a wide range of impeller options with their own in-house designs to suit exact requirements of a mixing process. The Superflo impeller incorporates technology designed using computational fluid dynamics providing the optimal results for low shear mixing with a powerful axial pumping stream.

Angular Spacer Housing

The angular spacer housing designed and developed by Mixquip, provides flexibility by rotating the flange faces to provide optimum mixing conditions in various tank designs and configurations.

Mixer Options

Drives include pneumatic, fixed and variable speed, electric and flameproof. 316 grade stainless steel is utilized for all wetted parts with other alloys available for more demanding applications. The compact Series 110 agitator can achieve mixing of large volumes up to 800kL and are of better value proposition than other mixing arrangements that perform similar duties.

Direct Drive

High-speed direct drive mixer suitable for low viscosity fluids.

Gear Drive

Slow-speed gear drive mixer suitable for all range of viscosities.

Variable Speed

Both direct drive and gear drive units are available with variable speed drives for 240V, single phase and 415V, three phase.

Choice of Impeller Design

Range of impellor designs ensure your exact requirements can be met.

Flameproof Option

Enables easy mixing of liquids in hazardous and volatile areas.

Pneumatic Motor

Converting compressed air energy into mechanical work, these motors are very flexible as the speed can be adjusted by varying the air supply volume relative to your needs.


The Series 110 agitator is ideally suited to fluids of medium to low viscosity where gentle low shear mixing, or blending is required. The unique removable seal design takes the stress out of emergency situations and reduces downtime in scheduled maintenance. The mixing action directs liquids in an axial flow, effecting even turnover of tank contents.

Technical Information

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Series 110 – Side Entry Mixer