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Portable Agitator Mixers Pallet Tank Mixer – Series 210

Bulk Liquid Pallet Tank Mixing

Pallet Tank Mixer: Series 210

Compact design and in-tank location makes the Mixquip Series 210 PT Rummager® simple to install and space saving. Being air driven, the PT Rummager® has infinitely adjustable speed and as easy to plug in as any pneumatic operated appliance. It also enhances the continuous running feature that is particularly useful where the material must remain in motion day after day.

Fold out impeller blades with parabolic shaped trailing edges based on our proven Superflo™ design generates powerful axial currents. The list of liquid material able to be mixed in by these innovative IBC Stirrers, is as diverse as water, detergent, polymers, oils, food flavours, dangerous and corrosive liquids including acids and thinners.


Light weight and easy to install
Air driven mixing motor
Infinitely speed driven
Reduces mixing time
Suspends sediments
Compact space saving design

How it Works


The Series 210 Rummager is screwed into the IBC, the air is connected and turned on.


As the speed increases the propellor folds out creating axial liquid movement.


The Superflo design generates powerful axial currents that sweep through the containers and push liquid to the base of the pallet tank, across the floor and up the sides, generating an ideal tank contents turnover.


Pallet Tanks have revolutionised bulk liquid transportation and storage, they are economical, safe, easily moved with the ability to mix products in the box. Air-driven, lightweight and easy to install, the Series 210 Rummager is effective in blending low viscosity fluids and will lift sediment off the base of the mixing container and re-suspend or condition your products for processing.

Technical Information

Download Brochure Information

Series 210 - Bulk Liquid Pallet Tank Mixer