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Why choose a clamp-on mixer versus a fixed mixer?

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Clamp-on mixers versus fixed mixers

Series 50 Clamp-On Mixer Guide

The main advantage of a clamp on mixer over a fixed flange mount mixer is the versatility. Clamp On agitators can be easily removed from one tank or mixing application and clamped to another vessel. Clamp mount mixers are typically light enough to be carried by staff and allow multiple products to be mixed, in different tanks, to be mixed using the one mixer. Top Entry or Side Entry Mixers are bolted to a flange that is welded into the tank wall or lid. To remove a top entry agitator or side mounted mixer, usually involves unbolting the impeller or impeller blades off the mixer shaft, removing the bolts that secure the mixer to the tank and then withdrawing the mixer through the flange opening. Flange mounted agitators are often used to mix large vessels and where the mixing process and products, remain constant.  


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