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Agitator Mixer Tanks Top Entry Agitator Mixer – Series 75

Top Entry Mixing
Home » Agitator Mixer Tanks » Top Entry Agitator Mixers » Top Entry Agitator Mixer – Series 75

Top Entry Agitator: Series 75

Mixquip Series 75 Top Entry Mixers are capable of handling intense mixing processes across a wide range of applications. A modular design with a robust and detailed construction this series offers tank mixing solutions designed to suit open, closed and fully sealed mixing vessels. The Series 75 design is suitable for applications from aggressive chemical service to demanding sanitary standards and requirements, skilfully designed and engineered to withstand intense and long hours of operation. Parallel shaft geared motors combined with rigid drive shaft and specially designed impellers contribute to long-lasting operation.


Versatile Design

Designed for fixed in-tank installation. The Mixquip Series 75 can be attached to an integral mounting on the vessel or suspended from a support structure.

Low Maintenance
Range of impeller options

Mixquip provide a wide range of impeller options with their own in-house designs to suit exact requirements of a mixing process. 


Shafts can be provided for most tank heights.

Detailed Construction

Series 75 top entry mixers are constructed from a wide variety of special alloy materials which include modular investment castings to suit many and varied applications and individual process environments.

Modular Design

From concept through to manufacture, allowing you to achieve the ideal mixing solution for optimum performance and providing maximum return on investment.

Mixer Options

Mixquip Top Entry Agitators utilise electric drives spanning from 0.37Kw through to 40Kw units, and shaft diameters from 19mm to 100mm. Flameproof drives, mechanical seals to accommodate pressure and vacuum vessels. Custom built ability encompasses exotic metals such as Titanium, Stainless Steel and Super Duplex alloys which ensures the correct top entry mixer, made from the correct materials, for any mixing or blending application, including mixing corrosive or high temperature products.

Direct Drive

High-speed direct drive mixer suitable for low viscosity fluids.

Gear Drive

Slow-speed gear drive mixer suitable for all range of viscosities.

Variable Speed

Both direct drive and gear drive units are available with variable speed drives for 240V, single phase and 415V, three phase.

Choice of Impeller Design

A range of impellor heads can be used on the top entry series 75 mixer which allows for the mixer to be used over a range of applications. View impellor options here.

Flameproof Option

Enables easy mixing of liquids in hazardous and volatile areas.

Mechanical Seals

In order to accommodate pressure and vacuum vessels.


Mixquip top entry agitator mixers incorporate advanced designs in mixing technology. These state-of-the-art agitators achieve ultimate blending & mixing conditions in open or closed top vessels. Blending liquids and powders, maintaining solids in suspension, ph correction and aerating products plus many other duties which are achievable by drawing on 40 years of mixing know-how and unique Mixquip impellor designs

Technical Information

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Top Entry Agitator Mixer - Series 75