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Mixers & Agitators for Pesticides

Mixers & Agitators for the Manufacture of Pesticides

Precise, powerful dispersion, de-agglomeration, suspension and emulsification for pesticide production.
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Manufacturing & Production of Pesticides and Herbicides

Pesticides are suspensions of insoluble active ingredients in a water or oil based solution. There are several groups of pesticides all of which come in many different forms. Fungicide, herbicide and insecticides can come as powder granules, liquid concentrates or as a spray. Small amounts of thickeners, antifreeze, anti-forming agents and additives complete the formulation. The active ingredient varies considerably, although it typically makes up about 50% of the formulation.

Mixquip agitators and mixing solutions can incorporate and disperse large volumes and high proportions of powders, reduced particle size and perform other duties required by the formulation. High shear mixers draw the liquid and solid components into the mixing area. subjecting them to intense shear. This ensures the particles size is progressively reduced creating a uniform size for milling. Mixquip Top Entry Agitators or Side Entry Mixers provide liquid movement to prevent particles falling to the base of large pesticide/herbicide vessel and maintain solids in suspension.

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