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Sauces & Dressings

Sauce/ Dressing Industry Agitators and Mixers

The right mixing solution is key to producing a stable and homogenous product when manufacturing sauces and dressing.
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Manufacture of Sauces and Dressings

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We understand that when processing dressing and sauces, as well as dips and preserves, manufacturers require the widest range of mixing solutions to handle the large range of viscosities and solids. Manufacturers of dips, sauce and dressings rely on high speed agitators to achieve a range of processing targets within production which include particle size reduction, emulsification, homogenisation and liquefaction. In order to accomplish these objectives, high-shear mixers are required in order to prepare stable emulsions, solid dispersion and thickened solutions for up to 10,000cPs. The mixers reduces the droplets in the oil and aqueous phases until they are uniform and homogenous. The more shear energy applied to the mix, the finer the droplets become which ensures that the phases wont separate.

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Understanding mixing for sauce and dressing production

In what application can I use a Mixquip agitator in sauce and dressing production?

Our Mixquip agitators will cover most sauce and dressing applications. Working with your process, our team of engineers will provide the best suited mixer for your application. Some examples of sauce and dressing processes are listed below:
– Mayonnaise emulsions
– Tomato Sauce
– Salad Dressings
– Hummus
– Dips
– Mustards

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Manufacturing Sauces & Dressings?


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