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Precision mixing & agitating solutions

Mixquip manufactures and sells mixing machine equipment to suit every need in mixing across sanitary and industrial applications. Our mixing design software combined with our teams knowledge and expertise allows for highly precision, detailed and tailored solutions for industrial mixer designs. Our mixers and agitators are high quality, Australian-made and modular permitting ease of installation fitting straight into current operations.

Our machine mixer and agitator designs span over a range of categories from smaller pre-mix applications through to large tank and high-shear batch mixers handling thousands of litres. Order from our premium industry mixer selection online today or search below for your best suited mixing system for custom-made and specified.

Agitator Mixer Tanks

Flexible agitator and tank mixers for any application are provided for top entry, side entry & base entry mixers for open and closed tank vessels by Mixquip.

Portable Agitator Mixers

Mixquip offers a number of portable agitator mixers with flexibility for your industrial process in mind. These include IBC intermediate bulk container mixers, clamp-on mixers, drum mixers & post-mount mixers.

High Shear Mixers

High shear mixers are a highly efficient way of emulsion & homogenization. Our high shear mixer range feature powder-liquid mixers and emulsifiers.

Inline Mixers

Mixquip inline mixers are used to blend two or more liquids into a homogenous mixture in a totally enclosed system. Our range includes static inline mixers, docing inline mixers and mechanical inline mixers.

Looking for a complete mixing system?

Mixquip works in conjunction Teralba Industries to design and manufacture complete mixing and process systems for your application requirements. We understand that almost every process involves mixing and knowing that your process matters is key to our brand. With in-house designers, we work alongside you and our engineers to ensure that your mixing process is tailored to your application requirements and site-footprint. Contact Mixquip today to learn how our complete mixing system packages can streamline you production process to save your business valuable time and money.


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