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High Shear Mixers Industrial Emulsifier – Series 600

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Industrial Emulsifier: Series 600

The Mixquip Series 600 Emulsifier, is able to perform a wide range of duties, suited to almost all mixing processes – from mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving. All duties are carried out with efficiency and flexibility to suit exact requirements. The sanitary construction provides benefits for industries where advanced CIP and SIP facilities are required.

The design offers further versatility with multistage rotor/stator configurations as standard options, resulting in substantially faster mixing times by reducing the number of recirculation passes required, and offering greater particle size reduction.


Interchangeable work-heads
Low maintenance with inbuild CIP option
Eliminates agglomerates, rapidly dissolving solids.
Accelerates reactions
Aeration free
Sanitary unit
Creates stable emulsions and suspensions.

Watch in action

Mixing Options

There are two principles of operation for the Series 600: 

Recirculation Process

The most common way to use a Series 600 mixer, providing a higher degree of homogenization and particle size reduction. The product is drawn from the bottom of the vessel, processed through the high shear rotor/stator work-head, and passed back into the top of the vessel. In small vessels this will ensure adequate in-tank movement but in larger vessels an auxiliary in-tank mixer or agitator will be required. Additional fluid ingredients can be fed into the work-head and uniformly mixed before entering the vessel. 


Single Pass Process

There are three types of operation for single pass processing: 

Continuous blending – Ingredients are metered into the mixer just prior to the workhead ensuring products react together immediately on contact. This is great for continuous liquid/liquid blending and for products where aeration must be avoided.  

Series processing – Use in cases where a high degree of homogenization is required than can be obtained by a single pass through the Series 600 mixer. 

Premix method – The ingredients are coarsely premixed in a holding vessel. A single pass through the Series 200 will then ensure an agglomerate-free homogenous product.

How It Works


The high-speed rotation of the blades in the work-head create a powerful force causing the liquid and solid materials to be drawn towards and into the rotor/stator. 


The force drives the materials towards the edge of the work-head where the materials are then exposed to a milling action in the precision machined clearance between the ends of the rotor blades and the inner wall of the stator.


Intense hydraulic shear causes the material to be forced, at high velocity, through the openings in the stator then through the machine outlet and along the piping. Fresh material is continually being drawn into the work-head maintaining a constant mixing and pumping cycle.


Providing the ultimate solution to reducing mixing times up to 80% and obtaining ultimate results, the Mixquip Series 600 Emulsifier, with a wide variety of work-heads, covers many mixing techniques and applications – from mixing to emulsifying to homogenizing and dissolving. 

Technical Information

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Series 600 - Emulsifier