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Mix 5000 cPs Slurry in IBC & Totes

Portable Agitator Mixers Pallet Tank Mixer – Series 200

IBC Bridge Mount Mixing

IBC Bridge Mount Mixer: Series 200

The Mixquip Rummager Series 200 is specifically designed to suit an IBC (intermediate bulk container) as a robust, versatile and adjustable mixing system. Mixquip Series 200 IBC mixers / agitators are designed for use with Industry standard 1000 / 800 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) with 150mm screw caps also referred to as Tote tanks and are suitable for most container types including Schutz Ecobulk, Sotralentz, Van Leer.

Where IBC containers have revolutionised the storage and transport of bulk liquids, the combination with the Mixquip Series 200 bridge mount mixer provides a cost-effective alternative to fixed process equipment. The Mixquip Series 200 mixing system is used to blend, disperse and suspend materials within the IBC resulting in improved process times and business productivity. Mixquip Bridge Mount IBC mixers fitted with ToroJet Impellers can mix very thick liquids like syrups, vegetable purees, honey, paints and shampoos, up to 12,000cPs. An optional funnel allows powders and ingredients to be safely added whilst the mixer is mixing. These Australian-made bridge mount mixers are lowered into the Tote or IBC using a forklift. For low viscosity fluids a direct drive 1400 RPM mixer is used with a cast 316 stainless steel impeller. More viscous products require the gear driven mixer with the innovative folding Torojet impeller.


Cost effective mixing solution
Mix and ship in same container
Simply add Liquids/Solids
Mix to low liquid levels
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel
Variable speed options
Adjustable clamp secures mixer to most IBCs
Convenient lift handles
Fork mounted

Mixer Options

Australian designed and manufactured Mixquip Series 200 IBC mixers are available with a wide range of drives, including pneumatic, 240Volt electric and three phase motors. 

Direct Drive

Model S200SF is high-speed direct drive mixer suitable for low viscosity fluids.

Gear Drive

Model S200TJ is slow-speed gear drive mixer suitable for all range of viscosities.

Variable Speed

Both direct drive and gear drive units are available with variable speed drives for 240V and 415V.

Air Drive

ATEX applications can be safely handled with air drive motors.

Additions Funnel

Powder and Liquid additions can be added to an IBC simply via the Mixquip additions funnel.

How It Works


The Mixquip Series 200 is fitted through the top of the IBC and secured to the frame. This can be done by an easy forklift install.


As the speed increases the propellor folds out creating an effective liquid movement around the container.


The liquid movement and square sides of the IBC container creates needed turbulence and thorough mixing resulting in a consistent product every time.


Designed to suit most IBC containers with its heavy-duty form and robust construction, the Series 200 mixer is ideal for demanding mixer applications. Mixquip Series 200 Bridge Mounted IBC Agitators are ideal for a variety of applications such as blending, dispersing and suspending viscous liquids and high solid slurries, or wetting and dissolving powders.

Technical Information

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Series 200 IBC Bridge Mount Mixer


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