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Portable Agitator Mixers Drum Mixer – Series 205

Drum Mixing
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Drum Mixer: Series 205

Mixquip Series 205 Drum Mixers incorporate a container, an agitator blade, and a motor, with variable speeds, blending in drums of any size or configuration. Australian-made and designed, the Series 205 Mixquip agitators are effective for complete, optimum mixing of liquids throughout the drum in short time periods, drum mixing is common in industrial processes. Blending or stirring in various supplies to produce a homogenous mixture is generally the result of combining dry material to distribute them uniformly such as when multi-cereal ingredients are combined. Mixquip drum mixers address product separation and suspension issues and provide uniformity and quality of product. Ideal for mixing and blending of low to medium viscosity.


Compact space saving design
Lightweight and easy to install
Air driven motor option
Infinitely speed adjustable
Durable and robust with folding turbines designed to reduce mixing time
Collapsible blades swing out by centrifugal force when rotating
Suspends sediments
Hygienic construction with wetted parts 316 stainless steel
Can be used in an IBC with low viscosity liquids

Mixer Options

The high efficiency Series 205 Rummager drum mixers are versatile over a wide range of applications. They are lightweight and easy to install. An engineered design for most 205L closed top drum mixing situations. Stainless steel wetted parts offer a durable solution for many and varied product and blending applications. 

Open or Closed Top Drum
Variable Speed – 240V, Single Phase – 415V, Three Phase
Direct Drive
Gear Drive
Pneumatic or Air Driven Motor

How It Works


The Series 205 Rummager is clamped to the top of the drum or mixing vessel.


The specially designed impeller with four sets of folding blades attached to the shaft fold out creating radial and axial movement patterns around the mixing vessel creating a homogenous blend within the drum contents.


The dual mixing action ensures fluids with high specific gravity solids are kept in suspension.


Effective for complete and optimum mixing of low to medium viscosity liquids, the Series 205 Rummager is ideal for mixing and blending of fluids in closed drums, providing a solution to product suspension issues and achieving homogenous uniform quality products mixtures.

Technical Information

Download Brochure Information

Series 205 – Drum Mixer