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Mixquip Open Top Drum Mixer

Portable Agitator Mixers Drum Mixer – Series 215

Drum Mixing
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Drum Mixer: Series 215

Mixquip Series 215 drum mixers are designed to enhance the mixing process through superior dispersion of settled solids and ease of use for the operator. They have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are available with a variety of options to enhance the capabilities of the system. The Series 215 model is portable and lightweight, weighing less than 16kg. Drum mixers can be easily transported to the mixing site rather than the drum being moved to a stationary mixing system. The Series 215 is designed so that the sides lift up, allowing the operator full access to the containers for placement of pumps and/or the addition of other materials.


Compact space saving design
Lightweight and easy to install
Portable Mixing Unit
Full range of drive options
Full drum cover with inspection flaps
Dual impeller system available
Manually transported between drums
Suspends sediments
Hygienic construction with wetted parts 316 stainless steel

Mixer Options

Mixquip work directly with you to determine your needs, knowing that the correct type and degree of agitation is a crucial factor in almost every processing operation. Consideration is given to the capacity size and geometry of vessels, heat transfer requirements, product viscosity and operating pressures.

Open or Closed Top Drum
Variable Speed – 240V, Single Phase – 415V, Three Phase
Direct Drive
Gear Drive
Pneumatic or Air Driven Motor

How It Works


The Series 205 Rummager is clamped to the top of the drum or mixing vessel.


The specially designed impellor, with four convex shaped blades attached to the shaft, creates a radial and axial flow pattern that provides a homogenous blend within the drum contents.


The dual mixing action ensures fluids with high specific gravity solids are kept in suspension.


The high efficiency Series 215 Rummager drum mixers are versatile over a wide range of applications. They are lightweight and easy to install. An engineered design for most 205L closed top drum mixing situations. Stainless steel wetted parts offer a durable solution for many and varied product and blending applications.

Technical Information

Download Brochure Information

Series 215 – Drum Mixer