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IBC Mixing Options

What options can you get for an IBC mixer from Mixquip? How do these options enhance your mixing process?

When it comes to IBC mixers, Mixquip offers a range of solutions designed to enhance and give you full control over your mixing process. Whether you need electric IBC mixers or pneumatic IBC mixers, Mixquip has options to suit various industrial applications. For precise control over the speed of your mixing,  variable speed IBC mixers with different impeller types like propeller impellers, turbine impellers, and foldable impellers allow for precision and accuracy in every mix. These stainless steel IBC mixers are not only durable but also ensure contamination-free mixing. For environments requiring additional safety, ATEX certified IBC mixers are ideal. Choose between portable IBC mixers for flexibility and fixed mount IBC mixers for stability. Enhance your mixing process with high-quality, efficient, and safe IBC mixers from Mixquip.






Options for your IBC Mixer

Mixquip offers several options for IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) mixers, each designed to enhance different aspects of the mixing process. Here are the key options available:

1. Electric or Pneumatic Drives

Electric IBC Mixers: Suitable for environments where electricity is readily available and preferred. They provide consistent power and are easy to control.
Pneumatic IBC Mixers: Ideal for explosive or hazardous environments where electric drives may pose a risk. They offer a high level of safety and can be used where air supply is abundant.

 2. Variable Speed Control

Allows precise control over the mixing speed, which can be crucial for achieving the desired consistency and avoiding over-mixing or under-mixing. Variable speed IBC mixers help in handling different viscosities and ensuring uniform mixing.

3. Different Impeller Types

Superflo Impeller: Best for low to medium viscosity liquids and creating axial flow, which is good for homogenization.
Toro-Jet Impeller: Suitable for medium to high viscosity fluids, providing high shear and better mixing and the ability to mix to low levels in the container.

4. Additions Funnel

The additions funnel is added to the bridge of the IBC and allows for easy additions of powders, liquids, granules and more into the IBC container solution whilst mixing. This is a safe and efficient option. 

5. Screw in or Clamp Bridge Mount

Screw-in IBC Mixers: Easy to attach and remove, suitable for quick setup and use across numerous IBC tanks. These are the Series 210 Mixers
Bridge Mount IBC Mixers: Offers more stability and can accommodate larger batches, enhancing performance for heavier or more viscous materials.

6. Sealed IBC Mixer Designs

Ensures that the mixing process is contamination-free, which is crucial for industries like food and pharmaceuticals.

7. ATEX Certified IBC Mixers

For environments with explosive atmospheres, ATEX certified IBC mixers ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

8. Stainless Steel IBC Mixers

Provides durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning, making it ideal for sanitary applications.

Enhancements to your mixing process:

  1. Efficiency and Flexibility: The ability to choose between different drive types and impeller designs means you can optimize the mixer for your specific application, whether it involves high-viscosity substances or requires quick thorough mixing of liquids. 
  3. Safety: Options like pneumatic drives and ATEX certification ensures that your mixing processes are safe even in hazardous environments. 
  5. Precision: Variable speed control allows for precise adjustment of the mixing speed, which is crucial for achieving the desired mix quality without damaging the product. 
  7. Convenience: Portable mixers combined with the Toro-Jet foldable impeller enhance convenience by making it easier to move and clean the mixers, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 
  9. Durability and Compliance: Stainless steel construction and sealed designs ensure long-term durability and compliance with industry standards, especially in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 
By selecting the right combination of these options you can tailor the Mixquip IBC mixer to meet your specific needs, ensuring efficient, safe and high-quality mixing processes.