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What is an IBC Mixer?

IBC Mixers - Frequently asked questions on everything you need to know about the IBC Tote Tank Mixer.

In this blog, we answer some of the commonly asked questions that relate to IBC mixers and the operating process of the IBC Tote Tank Mixer. If you have a further questions that this article does not cover, please feel free to contact our team, who will be happy to help!

Australian-made & designed in our Sydney manufacturing facility, Mixquip IBC mixers are a popular mixing solution for blending and mixing of contents within an IBC tank or pallet tank. 

IBC Mixer for Wastewater

What is an IBC Tote Tank Mixer?

An IBC Mixer is a mixer agitator unit designed to sit on top of an intermediate bulk container or pallet tank and mix or blend the contents of IBC totes efficiently. They provide a portable option to mixing and enable product to be stored, mixed and transported all within the one vessel eliminating the need to transfer the contents out of the IBC to a mix vessel, reducing product wastage and increasing profitability. 

Consisting of a motor, gearbox, shaft and impeller, these units are modular, cost-effective and time-saving. Impeller options are available and selected depending on the viscosity of the product being mixed. Learn more about our impeller options further down the page.

Why would I use an IBC Mixer?

Using an IBC agitator for your processing offers numerous advantages. The versatility of an IBC mixer from Mixquip allows you to mix anything in an IBC or pallet tank container and are suitable for handling various viscosities, densities and temperatures. 

IBC mixers are environmentally friendly, minimizing waste and energy consumption whilst the robust 316 Stainless Steel construction ensures durability, providing long-term reliability. 

Portable, whilst reducing processing stages with the ability to store, mix and transport in the one container allows for completion of more batches per shift and improves overall profitability. 

How does an IBC Tote Tank Mixer work?

The operating principle of an IBC Bridge Mount Agitator is quick and easy. Forklift tines can be slotted into the forklift sleeves of the unit to lift, transport and lower the mixer down onto the IBC container. Once on the IBC, the mixer can be installed by using the secure clamp systems which secures it to the tank. After being connected up to power or air, the unit is ready to use. Watch the video below or follow step-by-step instructions in the operation manual.

What options are available for an IBC Tote Tank Mixers?

IBC Mixers are available with a number of options to help support your process requirements. 

1. Motor Options for an IBC Mixer: Choosing the right motor for your IBC mixer depends on a few factors. Ultimately it depends on what power your facility has but also depends on what application it is being used for, the speed at which the product needs to be mixed and the product viscosity. Available in 3Phase, Single Phase or Pneumatic Motors. Flameproof motor options are also available. 

2.Variable Speed Drive: Variable speed drives (VSD) cab be added and mounted to the bridge of the IBC Mixer. This allows for precise control over the mixing speed which can be crucial for achieving desired consistency. 

3.Impeller Options: Available with two impeller options to suit the viscosity of the product being mixed. The Superflo cast impeller is used for low-medium viscosity fluids where the folding Toro-Jet Impeller designed by Mixquip and unique to the Australian market, is used for medium to high viscosities. Both fold easily into the bung hole of the IBC mixer. 

4.Powder Additions Funnel: The Mixquip additions funnel is an option that is added to the bridge of the IBC Mixer. allowing for easy additions of powders, liquids or granules into the IBC container solutions whilst mixing in a safe convenient way. 

Up to what viscosity can I mix with an IBC Mixer?

Mixquip IBC Tote Tank Mixers can mix any viscosity fluid up to 18,000cPs. This high viscosity can be achieved by combining the Series 200 Bridge Mount Mixer with our Toro-Jet Impeller. Depending on the viscosity of the product being mixed will determine what mixer your require.

Explore our products suitable for a viscosity range here: IBC MIXERS

What is the price for an IBC Mixer?

The cost of an IBC Tote Tank mixer varies based on specific model and its features. The prices for these mixers range between $2,000 to $5,000 and are supported by quality materials, Australian-made and backed by an Australian support team. These mixers are designed to blend, disperse, and suspend materials within intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), providing a cost-effective alternative to fixed process equipment.

What applications can use an IBC mixer be used for?

IBC mixers are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications across various industries. In the food and beverage sector, they are ideal for mixing ingredients for sauces, dressings, flavor emulsions, dairy products, and beverages. In pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, IBC mixers are used for blending active pharmaceutical ingredients, lotions, creams, gels, and other personal care products. Chemical manufacturing benefits from IBC mixers for homogenizing chemicals, mixing specialty chemicals, and creating emulsions. They are also essential in the paints and coatings industry for preparing paint batches, inks, and coatings with uniform consistency. Additionally, IBC mixers are used in water treatment for mixing chemicals for purification processes, in agriculture for blending fertilizers and pesticides, and in mining and oil & gas for preparing drilling fluids and slurries used in extraction processes.