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Does your mixing equipment have full washdown capability?

Home » Blog » Does your mixing equipment have full washdown capability?

An efficient business is a profitable business, so ensuring each part of you mixing and production process is as efficient as possible is a key concern for food and beverage producers.

Whether your facility processes dairy products, meat, wine, juice or multitude of other products, it pays to invest in a mixing system that will provide long-term efficiency gains. Some of the key features to look for in a clamp-on mixer or agitator are its design and flexibility, and of course, how quick and easy it is to clean and sanitise.

What to look for in a clamp-on mixer.

Firstly: is it hygienic? A good quality mixer should be constructed of stainless steel, with all components that come into contact with the product manufactured from 316 grade stainless. 

This ensures cleaning and sterilisation can be completed confidently with the absolute minimum risk of contamination. 

Versatility is another important feature: most clamp-on mixers can be fitted to open tanks making them suitable for different processes in your facility. However, it is the versatility of the impellors that really turns a simple mixer into a multi-skilled workhorse. 

Mixers that are hard to adjust or position, or require complex tools to change impellors will slow your process down. Look for mixers that are compatible with a wide range of impellors suitable for different viscosities, tank sizes and fluid flow requirements. 

Finally, look for full washdown capability in your mixer – a fully sealed unit that is IP66 rated will save time in your post-production cleaning process. A clamp-on mixer that features a sealed drive means you can directly hose it with a spray gun without worrying about damage from water ingress.

Portable Mixquip Stirrer
Mixquip Series 50 Clamp-On Mixer

Make your process more efficient with washdown-rated clamp-on mixers from Mixquip.

Mixquip’s Series 50 range of stainless steel clamp-on mixers are fitted with waterproof all-stainless drives with a rating of IP66. This makes them waterproof against hose-directed water, meaning no time-consuming dismantling is required for your facility’s washdown operations. This feature allows the versatile drum and tank mixers to be used in almost any environment in food and beverage operations, as well as for other applications such as chemical plants.

The innovative Mixquip Series 50 Clamp-On Mixer allows 30 degrees of movement in two planes so the mixer can be positioned to get the exact mixing and blending action required. A choice of drives provides customised mixing for all viscosities, with direct, gear or variable speed drive models available. 

Easy to fit to open-top tanks up to 8000 litres, these portable mixers help to reduce power consumption by returning as much as 65% more agitation per kilowatt compared to conventional agitator units. 

Additionally, the Mixquip impeller design range covers almost every mixing application requirement. From flow to dispersion to high shear mixing, each impeller design is modelled using Computational Fluid Dynamics software to ensure the right balance of speed, flow and displacement resulting in precision agitation. 

Designed and made in Australia by Teralba Industries, Mixquip all stainless Clamp-On Agitators are typically made to order in less than 2 weeks. 

Drawing on over 40 years of experience, Mixquip offers a range of mixing equipment that enables food and beverage processors to produce consistent mixtures, every time. Contact us for more information.


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