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Portable Agitator Mixers Series 210 – Pallet Tank Mixers

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Series 210 – Pallet Tank Mixers


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Series 210 Mixer is an effective mixing option for blending of low viscosity fluids. Fold-out impellor blades with parabolic shaped trailing edge on the Mixquip proven Superflo deign generates powerful axial current lifting sediment off the base of the mixing container and re-suspending or conditioning your products for processing.

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Air Driven Mixing Motor

Air Drive mixing motor is easy to use and requires simple installation. After connecting to air, the mixer is ready for use.

Infinitely Speed Adjustable
Reduces Mixing Time

Powerful axial flow generated in the mixing vessel greatly reduces mixing time, speeds up operations and produces quality, consistent product.

Mixquip Superflo Impeller

The Superflo design generates powerful axial currents that sweep through the container and push liquid to the base of the pallet tank, across the floor and up the side, generating an ideal tank contents turnover.


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