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Through many years of working with various applications in the mixing industry, Mixquip has collected decades of experience across a wide range of industry sectors. Our engineers can provide you and your team with a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips and assist with frequently asked questions. Plus, we don’t walk away once the job is done: the Mixquip team are here to provide you with constant care and maintenance. Check out are help tips and guides below or get in touch with our support team for personalised help and advice.


There aren’t many applications that Mixquip does not cover. Having worked with companies in many different industries for the past 50 years, Mixquip have the experience and knowledge to help you hind your solution for your requirements.


Mixquip’s extensive range of mixers cover a wide range of industries to ensure all processes are covered. Four product categories include Thank Mixers, Portable Mixers, High Sheer Mixers, and Inline Mixers.


Mixquip’s highly efficient impellors have been developed to cover individual requirements in mixing technology. There are four main designs that the Impellors follow: Axial, Radial, Gate Laminar and High Sheer. 

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Solving mixing requirements and improving processes is top or our priorities. Our brochures and product guides are designed to assist and help you improve you mixing systems, provide further knowledge on our solutions and mixer options, and increase your productivity and bringing consistency to your product through our solutions every time. Mixquip’s comprehensive product brochure allows you to compare options available quickly and easily from Mixquip and determine the best machine for your industry or application.

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