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Mining Mixers & Agitators


Industrial agitators for the Mining Industry.

High quality, Australian made mixers for mining process

Innovative impeller technology has effectively tackled challenges in industrial mixing processes like gold leaching, carbon-in-pulp adsorption, biological leaching, flotation, conditioning, and attrition scrubbing. This has led to the development of high-quality mixing equipment suitable for diverse industries and applications.

Our expertise in manufacturing and enhancing existing mixing systems has notably benefited the mining sector. We offer solutions that not only ensure energy efficiency but also extend the operational lifespan of agitators. Our improvements incorporate cutting-edge impeller designs and advanced engineering for agitator drive manufacturing, making us a reliable partner in industrial mixing solutions.


Mixers are essential in mineral leaching for several reasons:

1. Uniform Distribution: Ensures even distribution of leaching agents.
2. Reaction Rates: Enhances reaction rates between agents and minerals.
3. Prevents Settling: Keeps particles suspended for better contact.
4. Temperature Uniformity: Maintains even temperature.
5. Mass Transfer: Increases surface contact for efficient dissolution.
6. Chemical Control: Allows better control of pH and concentrations.
7. Prevents Channeling: Ensures leaching agent permeates the slurry.
8. Particle Distribution: Achieves uniform particle size for consistent leaching.
9. Gas Dispersion: Disperses gases uniformly to enhance reactions.

Mixers optimize leaching efficiency, speed, and metal recovery

Mixers are crucial for gas dispersion because they:

1. Distribute Gas Evenly: Ensure uniform gas distribution throughout the liquid.
2. Enhance Reaction Rates: Increase surface area contact, boosting gas-liquid reaction rates.
3. Improve Mass Transfer: Enhance gas dissolution and interaction with the liquid.
4. Prevent Channeling: Avoid gas pockets, ensuring thorough gas contact.
5. Increase Efficiency: Maximize gas utilization, reducing waste and improving process efficiency.

Mixers are essential for solvent extraction in mining because they:

1. Ensure Uniform Mixing: Distribute the solvent evenly in the aqueous phase.
2. Improve Mass Transfer: Enhance contact between solvent and metals.
3. Aid Phase Separation: Create stable emulsions for easier solvent recovery.
4. Enhance Reaction Kinetics: Speed up extraction reactions.
5. Maintain Temperature: Ensure uniform temperature.
6. Prevent Settling: Keep solid particles suspended.
7. Ensure Consistent Concentrations: Maintain uniform chemical levels.

Mixers optimize metal recovery, improve efficiency, and ensure process consistency in solvent extraction.

Mixers are essential for biological leaching (bioleaching) in mining because they:

1. Distribute Microorganisms Evenly: Optimize contact with the ore.
2. Enhance Nutrient Supply: Ensure uniform distribution of nutrients and oxygen.
3. Control Temperature: Maintain optimal conditions for microbial activity.
4. Prevent Settling: Keep particles and microorganisms suspended.
5. Improve Reaction Rates: Enhance bioleaching efficiency.
6. Disperse Gases: Evenly distribute oxygen and carbon dioxide.
7. Create Homogeneous Conditions: Maintain consistent pH and chemical levels.

Mixers optimize bioleaching by supporting microorganism activity, improving metal recovery, and ensuring uniform conditions.

Mixers are essential for slurries in mining because they:

1. Ensure Uniform Mixing: Evenly distribute solids in the liquid.
2. Enhance Reaction Rates: Improve contact between reagents and minerals.
3. Prevent Settling: Keep solid particles suspended.
4. Maintain Temperature: Ensure uniform temperature throughout the slurry.
5. Ensure Consistent Concentration: Distribute chemicals and reagents evenly.
6. Improve Pumpability: Create a consistent slurry for easier transport and handling.

Mixers maintain uniformity, enhance reactions, and ensure efficient handling of slurries in mining processes.






Tailored for extended product lifetime.

Our mixers are available in specialized construction materials including 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel and more, tailored to meet the environmental demands and specific process requirements that the mining industry requires. In order to extend mixer lifespan and reduce maintenance costs, we offer protective coatings against wear, corrosion and mine site stresses.