Impeller Technology

Impeller Technology

  • Power of Mixing: The Impeller.

    Your process matters.

    With our intellectual assets working for you, Mixquip can solve most mixing challenges by integrating the combined years of experience in process, mixing and impeller design with technology to deliver the scientific knowhow required for your process.

    Our state of the art knowledge and technology centre located in Sydney Australia uses Computational Fluid Mixing software to model the effects of different impeller designs.

    This means our customers can achieve optimum results – no matter what the application.

    Impeller operating range

    The Mixquip impeller design range covers almost every mixing application requirement. Maximum product yield, consistency, superior batch quality, smooth dependable operation and guaranteed process results are all hallmarks of Mixquip 

    • Propellor
    • Hydrofoil
    • Radial Blade
      Radial Blade
    • Disperser
    • Torojet
    • Pitched Blade Turbine
      Pitched Blade Turbine
  • Axial

    Axial flow impellers are used with low viscosity media and are excellent for blending and suspension duties. The flow pattern has a strong axial suction and bundled discharge stream in the turbulent flow range. The outlet jet stream is deflected at the bottom and reaches the surface in the wall area of the vessel. The liquid is accelerated in the propellor zone.

    • Mixquip Superflo propellor is a very effective low viscosity high flow mixing system with predominatly axial flow, ideally suited to higher shaft speeds. This mixing impeller design has low power number and high pumping capacity and is supplied in a range of stainless steel alloys.

      • Low Viscosity Fluids.
      • Suited to high shaft speeds
      • Suitable for blending solid/liquid and liquid/liquid.

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    • Mixquip hydromax impeller is an axial flow based mixing system that covers both turbulent, low viscosity mixing regimes as well as positive displacement mixing in laminar, high viscosity regimes. Adjustments to the blade angle and the ratio between the tank and impeller diameters make this a very versatile impeller covering a wide range of applications.

      • Positive displacement mixing in laminar, high viscosity regimes.
      • Very versatile
      • Adjustable blade angle and ratio between tank and impeller diameters.

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  • Radial

    Figure 8 Flow Mixing

    Radial flow impellers are used with a range of viscosity media and are excellent for gas liquid mixing and dispersion duties. The flow pattern is ideal for low level mixing. The liquid is accelerated via centripetal force outwards of the propellor zone until meeting the tank wall where flow is directed both upward and down to create effective mix patterns and movement. Multiple impellers required for tank geometries greater than 1:1.

    • Mixquip Radial impeller is used for high intensity mixing applications where gas dispersion or solids suspension is required. Flow patter requires multiple impellers for some tank geometry as the  mixing effect lies in the shear zone of the radial outflow. Low flooding limit coupled with high power numbers makes this impeller application specific.
      Radial Blade

      • High intensity mixing
      • Gas dispersion and solids suspension
      • Low flooding limit coupled with high powder numbers

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    • Mixquip HSD Blades impart high shear and are used for fine grinding of solids and especially difficult to disperse pigments. The high rotational speeds ensure product moves in an outward flow over blade to the teeth where solids are broken into increasingly smaller particles. Varying blade configurations are used to achieve a range of flow/shear combinations.

      • High shear mixing
      • Fine grinding of solids and disperse of pigments
      • Varying blade configurations

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  • Tangential

    Gate Anchor

    Mixquip Gate style impeller are typically used with highly viscous materials and in the laminar flow range to disrupt the boundary layer adhering the vessel walls where heat transfer is required in both heating/cooling applications. Fingers or frames can be added to increase versatility of these impellers or combined with axial/radial blades as a countre rotating mixing system

    • Highly viscous materials
    • Laminar flow range to disrupt the boundary layer 
    • Can be combined with other axial or radial blades.
  • Axial/Radial

    Combined flow impellers used both axial and radial liquid movement and are suitable for use with non -Newtonian fluids covering a wider range of apparent viscosities. The impellers create strong fluid flow patterns which are deflected at both the wall and the bottom of the tank. This combined flow action is ideal for mixing in the transitional and laminar zones.

    • Mixquip Torojet impeller has been designed to combine both axial and radial mixing regimes. The impeller design means that is is able to produce a flow pattern without dead zones through the entire vessel. Ideally suited to mixing non-Newtonian fluids, this impeller covers a wide range of consistency and flow behavior characteristics /rheology.

      • Low to high viscosity mixing applications
      • Ideally suited to mixing non-Newtonian fluids
      • Covers a wide range of consistency and flow behavior characteristics /rheology.

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    • Mixquip PBT is suited to low to medium viscosity applications where axial flow is preferred and a degree of shear is beneficial to the overall process result. This design is ideal for breaking agglomerates and distributing solids within the mixing vessel.
      Pitched Blade Turbine

      • Low to medium viscosity fluids
      • Axial flow
      • Suitable for breaking agglomerates and distributing solids

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  • High Shear

    High Shear Emulsifier- Mixquip Series 620

    Mixquip’s high shear impellers are suitable for the blending and homogenization of liquid or similar or greatly varying viscosities, including the disintegration of solid and semi-solid materials. The high shear work heads are ideal for rapid size reduction of soluble and insoluble solids are the solution is dispersed through the mixer head at a great force causing consistent agglomerate free results.

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