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Achieving extreme precision and control in mixing.

Achieve precision in mixing batches with Mixquip’s high shear mixers. As an Australian-made high shear mixer supplier for food-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical applications, we understand that quality and consistency in production whilst keeping batch process times to a minimum is key. Discover our range of industrial mixers from inline emulsifiers, powder liquid emulsifiers, powder liquid mixers and batch emulsifiers

Which High Shear Mixer is right for your application?


Production efficiency with high shear industrial mixers.

Australian manufacturers of high-shear emulsifiers, powder liquid emulsifiers, powder liquid mixers and industrial batch mixers, our technology is build to serve the mixing requirements of pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, cosmetics and oils.

Powder Liquid Mixer in a Food Manufacturing Facility
Easy to load, ergonomic designs

Safer than conventional agitators, Mixquip high shear mixers have an enclosed design reducing exposure to moving parts, lowering the risk of accidents. The Mixquip high shear powder liquid mixer is designed to be loaded at waist height, eliminating the need to stand on platforms to pour powders into the funnel, further enhancing safety by minimizing potential hazards associated with reaching or balancing on elevated surfaces.

Reduces energy consumption

High shear mixers are energy-efficient due to rapid mixing, shorter processing times, and optimized design. They quickly break down particles and create uniform mixtures, reducing the need for extended mixing periods and multiple stages. This efficiency translates to lower overall energy consumption during the production of emulsions and dispersions.

Speeds up operations

High shear mixers expedite operations and cut down processing times by generating intense shear forces that rapidly break down particles and create uniform mixtures. Their efficient design and capability for continuous processing minimize batch times and reduce the need for extended mixing, accelerating overall production cycles in diverse industries.


Which High Shear Mixer will suit your application?

Inline Emulsifiers

Fully in-line mixing systems, reduce mixing times up to 90% with this unit through single pass method or recirculation. 

Powder Liquid Mixers

Quickly disperse, dissolve and hydrate a large quality of powders into liquid. 

Batch Emulsifiers

For use in tanks, the batch emulsifier can carry out a range of duties from mixing to disintegrating of solids through to dissolving of granules. 







High Shear Mixer Gallery


Reviews on high shear mixing


Your high shear mixer questions answered.

high shear mixer is an industrial mixing equipment used to efficiently blend and disperse materials by subjecting them to intense mechanical forces. It consists of a rotating impeller or rotor with disruptive elements that create turbulence and shear forces. This agitation breaks down particles, reduces sizes, and promotes uniform distribution. High shear mixers are versatile for blending, emulsifying, homogenising, and more. They offer rapid and efficient mixing results, improving product quality and stability.

A high shear mixer efficiently blends and disperses materials using intense mechanical forces. It breaks down particles, promotes uniform distribution, and improves the product quality and stability of the mixed materials or products.

A high shear mixer and a homogeniser are two different mixing tools, each with advantages. A high shear mixer excels in rapidly blending and dispersing materials, making it ideal for tasks that require particle size reduction, uniform blending, and emulsification. On the other hand, a homogeniser is specifically designed for achieving uniform dispersion of immiscible liquids, particularly useful in applications like food processing where stable emulsions are essential. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the task at hand, with high shear mixers being well-suited for efficient blending and particle size reduction. While at the same time, homogenisers excel in achieving stable emulsions and liquid dispersion.

All Mixquip mixers and agitators are designed and manufactured in Sydney. The quality of material, state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures, efficiency, longevity and durability, safety, ergonomics, user experience all come into play.

A few things to consider when selecting Mixquip as a supplier of High Shear Emulsifiers;

  • Mixquip Mixers & Agitators have been made in Australia for over 35 years with hundreds of repat customers.
  • Emulsifier rotor/stators are precision machined from solid stainless steel billet in a multi-axis CNC Machining centre. This ensures the critical parts moving at high speed are perfectly balanced and are assembled to finest tolerance minimising potential wear and improving shear efficiency.
  • Most critical spare parts are in stock.

The term shear refers to the rate at which your product will be broken down into smaller particles. It is the force put upon you liquid by the impeller and that stress imparted to the liquid by the impeller.

You can learn all about mixing terms in our mixing guide: Download a copy here > 

An inline mixer has an inlet that pumps the ingredients straight into the high shear rotor stator then being discharge out. Unlike batch mixers, inline mixers process materials in a continuous flow.

This continuous operation often ensures that the material is perfectly hydrated, emulsified, or homogenised in a single pass. Batch mixers, on the other hand, require extended mixing periods in a tank, and achieving complete dispersion is uncommon, leading to lower product yields and wasted ingredients.

Inline high-shear mixing offers several advantages over batch mixing. Providing a controlled and hygienic mixing environment, the inline emulsifier supports continuous mixing producing consistent results in a lot less time.