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What is the best mixing equipment for production of sauces and dressings?

Home » Blog » What is the best mixing equipment for production of sauces and dressings?

Producing sauces and dressings requires a mixing system that will increase productivity, provide consistent quality and ensure food safety as well as stable emulsions. Ingredients must be handled gently, added precisely and mixed efficiently.

Application Summary

A wide range of food products are essentially an emulsion, which include salad dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, dips and low-fat spreads. With these products, forming a stable emulsion is critical to achieving the correct consistency, appearance and mouth-feel, as well as maximising the shelf-life of the product. So ensuring your mixer is the correct one for your application, is key to successful process and results, in your product application.

Using a Mixquip High Shear mixer

Manufacturers of dips, sauce and dressings rely on high speed agitators to achieve a range of processing targets within production which include particle size reduction, emulsification, homogenisation and liquefaction. In order to accomplish these objectives, high-shear mixers are required in order to prepare stable emulsions, solid dispersion and thickened solutions for up to 10,000cPs. The mixers reduces the droplets in the oil and aqueous phases until they are uniform and homogenous. The more shear energy applied to the mix, the finer the droplets become which ensures that the phases wont separate.

Mixquip High-Shear mixers provide the best benefit for this application in production of sauce and dressing products, where they can be used to prepare both the dispersed and continuous phases. This includes disintegration of solids and incorporation of powdered ingredients into the main solution. They also rapidly disperse and hydrate stabilizing and thickening agents without forming agglomerates and producing a smooth consistent result.

When the two phases combine, they are drawn into the work-head and subjected to intense hydraulic and mechanical shear as they are forced at high velocity through the rotor blade and projected back into the mixing vessel, ensuring the droplets are highly dispersed and reaching the desired end result.

Mixquip offers a range of mixers to suit processing requirements and batch sizes. For larger volumes our inline emulsifiers are an ideal solution. For smaller batch sizes we offer our batch emulsifiers.


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