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Mixers for the dispersion of pectin in solution

Home » Blog » Mixers for the dispersion of pectin in solution

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What is Pectin?

Obtained from a variety of different fruits. Pectin is classed as a polysaccharide. It is used for gelling and thickening agent in a wide range of foods, including jams and other preserves.

What is Pectin used in?

  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Preserves
  • Confectionary

Difficulties associated with mixing Pectin:

There are several problems in the dispersion of gums and thickeners using a standard agitator, these include:

  • Formation of agglomerates, pectin particles remain undissolved inside the agglomerates. Standard agitators don’t not provide enough shear to break these down.
  • Difficult to obtain potential full yield.
  • Slow powder addition in order to reduce the formation of agglomerates.
  • Pre-mixing of dry ingredients, which in turn increases labour costs and process times.
  • Long mixing times to complete required dispersion and hydration.
  • Partially hydrated pectin removed during filtration is wasted, increasing costs and reducing product quality.
  • As viscosity increase starts, the agitation of the solution and powder dispersion becomes increasing difficult.
  • Any undissolved pectin can gradually hydrate during storage and processing, leading to undesired changes in product viscosity.

Mixquip High Shear Solution

Using a Mixquip High Shear Mixers enables processing times to be reduced, improves product quality and eliminates operator error.

  1. Pectin is added to the water and dispersed. The high-speed rotation of the rotor blade creates powerful force drawing the water and pectin from the vessel into the workhead.
  2. The water and pectin are exposed to intense shear in the walls of the workhead where they are instantly combined, breaking down all agglomerates.
  3. The product is forced back out into the vessel as fresh material is drawn into the workhead.

High Shear Mixer options for Pectin dispersion


  • Agglomerate-free mix achieved.
  • No pre-mixing of dry ingredients required.
  • Fast mixing times.
  • Consistent product quality and repeatability.
  • Stable viscosity of the end product.
  • Rapid powder absorption rate.
  • Yield of pectin is maximised, obtaining full gelling effect. 
  • Filtration stage can be eliminated.
Contact Mixquip to learn more

For more information about our high-shear mixer range and use in successful dispersion of pectin, contact our team on 1300 20 70 20 or email Our team look forward to discussing your application and help improve production for process demands.


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