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High Shear Mixer FAQs

Home » Blog » High Shear Mixer FAQs

Considered a high-shear mixer for mixing powders successfully into liquids? Here are some key questions we often get asked:

How can the powder induction rate be controlled on this system? CMC solution viscosity is a concern at higher concentrations and it is therefore important to control the ratio of powder to water.

We have a manual multi-position valve located between the powder liquid mixer and the hopper.  This can be set by the operators or actuated.
Actuators can be purchased with the Series 620 Powder Liquid Mixer as a separate item.

How is water flowrate through the powder/liquid mixer controlled?

An inlet valve is set up on installation that regulates flow and pressure into the mix head.

Is it possible for this powder/liquid mixer to function as a single pass system? Our intention is to run water through the powder/liquid mixer to the holding tanks without recirculating this mixture back to the mixer.

The single pass is the design basis. You have to get the volume of dry material/powder  through the mix head within the total water volume. If the manual powder inlet valve position is not open enough (operator error), then you could have a problem.  

What is the required water supply pressure to the mixer?

Water to be supplied between 1 and 2 bar pressure

What is the viscosity range capability for this mixer?

1 to 50,000cps  max pressure 2.2 bar to 0.5 bar

How is a CIP performed on this system?

The system can clean in place via introduction of CIP fluids to the pump suction, and will clean up to the powder valve. A CIP cleaning lid and bypass line can be added to clean the hopper simultaneously.

What level of automation exists on the local touch screen. What can the operator control from the panel? 

Basic on/off,  mixer speed control, dust extraction. Optional dosing rate and CIP function control.

Has Mixquip ever installed a similar system in industry for CMC or Cellulose powder? Could you give any details on the outcome of this?

We have a number operating in pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Nowchem in Nowra NSW,  and Mera Chemicals, Sunshine  Vic. Both happy customers who have an excellent financial return on the investment as well as WHS compliance.

What is the overall dimensions of this system?

1.8m L x 2.4m wide x 2.0m high

What is the estimated frequency that the dust filters will need to be changed?

Monthly or quarterly depending on frequency of use, operators, and environment.

What is the IP rating of the electrical equipment and motors on this unit?

IP 56

Does this system require compressed air, cooling/seal water, or any other utilities?

System will require compressed air (6 bar pressure and 5 CFM), cooling water (2 litres/hr_ or thermosyphon chamber), and 3 phase + neutral  power  ( 50Hz and 32 amp supply)

What will the Factory Acceptance Testing include for this unit?

Mechanical run testing of mixer, dust extractor, compactor and HMI

Does Mixquip offer a performance guarantee on this unit?

Yes based on our Standard Terms & Conditions

If you have further questions about the Series 620 Powder Liquid mixer, please contact us here.