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Benefits of High Shear Mixers in the Food Industry

Home » Blog » Benefits of High Shear Mixers in the Food Industry

Across all industries, time is money. Especially true of the food industry where time is often expended on various aspects throughout the production line. There are numerous opportunities along the processing line where savings can be achieved by reducing the time it takes to process the product from harvesting of the goods through to product on the store shelves of your client.

For food manufacturers, the aim is to consistently and efficiently achieve a high-quality product in texture, flavour as well as aromas.

Faster Processing, More Output, Increased Profits

Food that requires significant processing and agitation in order to achieve quality, consistent results requires the best mixing solution to provide efficiency in production. Investing in a high-shear mixing system allows for maximum efficiency of processing, designed and manufactured to meet the demands of food production. Whether your process involves mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying or dispersing, Mixquip High Shear agitators are able to achieve numerous mixing actions within the one mixing system. Food safety is also a paramount feature as well as hygienic production. The equipment you choose for processing your food products should be fast, efficient and capable of performing the necessary tasks with CIP design.

Our high-shear product lines include inline emulsifier mixers, high-shear batch emulsifiers, in-tank mixers as well as powder-to-liquid mixers.

Need to mix hard-to-wet powders into liquids?

Working with thickening agents, modifiers as well as flavour emulsions and other hard-to-wet powders can present difficulties in achieving a stable, homogenise mix. Whilst solid dispersion remains to be one of the most enduring processing challenges in the industry, Mixquip Series 620 Powder Liquid Mixer provides the ultimate solution for dispersing hard-to-wet powders into Liquids without agglomeration, floating or dusting.

Using the Series 620 Powder Liquid Mixer in food processing provides the following advantages to your processing:

  • Fast powder incorporation rates, increasing production output
  • Agglomerate free result achieved consistently on every batch
  • Operate at high temperatures
  • Ability to mix high concentrations of gums and thickeners.
  • Minimum aeration to the product mix

The Series 620 can be adapted directly to suit your processing requirements. An example is the addition of a wand to suck the powder up into the liquid solution. View our application trial with here for the wine industry : Dust-free Powder Incorporation

What’s your application?

  • Gum Dispersions
  • Sauces & Dressings
  • Yogurts
  • Plant-based alternatives
  • Gelatin Solutions
  • Batter & Coatings

*these applications are not limited, contact us to explore high-shear mixing in your application.

  • Ice-cream manufacture
  • Dips & Preserves
  • Flavoured milk
  • Mousses & Aerated Desserts
  • Processed cheese
  • Soft-drink manufacture
Contact Mixquip to learn more

For more information about our high-shear mixer range and the use in your food processing application, contact our team on 1300 20 70 20 or email Our team look forward to discussing your application and help improve production for process demands.