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Add ingredients & mix in IBC’s at the same time.

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Bridge Mount IBC Stirrers with Ingredients Funnel

A founding principle that lies behind the 40 plus years of success of Teralba Industries in fluid processing equipment, is working with clients to find ways to streamline and speed up production and solve problems.

One such solution is the Mixquip IBC stirrer. IBC’s (or TOTEs as they are sometimes known) are an ideal way for SME’s  to transport, blend and ship liquid products. The need to blend and stir in these pallet tanks led to the introduction of the Mixquip IBC stirrer a number of years ago.

Further evolution of these Australia designed and manufactured stirrers, included EXD Flameproof motors and geared pneumatic drive motors (watch operation video) to stir virtually any product, that can be shipped in IBC’s.

The 2020 Mixquip Series 200 IBC stirrer is now available with an  optional “Additions Port”. This stainless steel funnel can be optioned on any Series 200 IBC Stirrer and bolts to the stainless steel bridge of the stirrer. The IBC Ingredients Port allows powders or liquids to be added directly into the mixing vortex within the IBC. There is no need to forklift the bridge-mount stirrer off the IBC, to access the opening.   Ingredients can be mixed in quickly and effectively, without any mess or spills.  

Need to stir ingredients into products in IBC’s? Contact the Mixquip  IBC Mixing specialists on

Or call: 1300 820 752


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