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Portable Agitator Mixers

Portable Agitators & Mixers

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Agitators and Mixers for Portable Mixing

Mixquip Industrial Mixers & Agitators in our Portable Series range are designed to be an easy and flexible option for the mixing process. The design and manufacture of each portable mixer within this series is developed with versatility in mind and can carry out mixing across a wide range of applications.

The Series covers Drum Mixers, IBC & Tote Mixers, Clamp-on Mixers and Post Mount Mixer. Browse our portable agitator mixers below.

IBC and TOTE Mixers

Mixquip IBC (intermediate bulk containers) and tote mixers are used effectively to store, transport, mix and blend liquid ingredients and chemicals and keep the contents stirred before use. It is ideal for various applications, including stirring, agitating, mixing and homogenising viscous liquids and high solids slurries, and wetting and dissolving powders. Pallet tanks are economical, safe, and easily moved when full.

Mixquip IBC and Tote Mixers can be purchased online in standard configuration, designed to suit all IBC containers.

Clamp-On Mixers

Australian made quality mixers that can be used to blend and mix any liquids of viscosities up 15,000 cPs. Clamp-On Mixers can be simply fitted to most open top tanks up to 8,000 litres and relocated to additional vessels.

All Mixquip Clamp-on mixers have Stainless Steel wetted parts and have been successfully installed into many and varied applications, including food, dairy, meat process, beverage, wine, soft drink, juice and now extending to dangerous substances such as alcohol, ethanol and other potentially flammable products which require mixing. 

Drum Mixers

Drum mixers are used in industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, food, wine and beverage. Mixquip® offers a variety of options with its drum mixers, from its standard range incorporating pneumatic drive (variable speed) and electric drive options (240V and 415V), bung or open top mounted configurations. Each drum mixer features a Stainless Steel shaft and mixing impellers.

Mixquip Drum Mixers can be purchased online in standard configuration, designed to suit all 205L and 215L Drums.

Post-Mount Mixers

Mixquip post mount mixers are designed for industrial and wastewater applications needing a compact, lightweight and powerful mixing unit for use in tote, bulk and cylindrical containers. They can be fitted quickly, turning a basic storage facility into an efficient mixing vessel. 


Portable Agitators for Sale

At Mixquip, we understand the critical role of portable agitators in various industries, and we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality portable agitators for sale. Our commitment to providing top-notch solutions for your mixing needs is reflected in our diverse selection of portable agitator models, each designed to meet specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for clamp-on agitators, or portable tank agitators, you’ll find a comprehensive range of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portable agitators are mechanical devices used in various industries to mix or agitate liquids or slurries in containers or tanks. They are designed to be mobile and can be easily moved from one location to another, allowing for flexibility in the mixing process. Portable agitators find applications in chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, wastewater treatment, and other industries.

These agitators typically comprise a motor or engine, a shaft, and an impeller. The motor provides power, transmitted to the mixing impeller through the shaft. The impeller creates turbulence and circulation within the liquid, ensuring thorough mixing or blending of the ingredients.

Portable agitators generate mechanical agitation within a fluid or mixture through impellers, blades or propellers attached to a rotating shaft. As the shaft rotates, the agitator elements induce motion within the liquid, causing it to circulate, mix, and disperse.

The design of the agitator is customised based on specific requirements of the process. Different impeller shapes and sizes are chosen depending on factors such as the fluid's viscosity, the desired level of agitation, and the properties of the substances being mixed.

Electric motors often power portable agitators, and the speed and direction of rotation can be adjusted to achieve precise mixing results.

Portable agitators are essential in various industrial processes due to their flexibility to provide mixing of many different vessels - with the one mixer. They serve various purposes such as uniform mixing, accelerating chemical reactions, suspension and dissolution of solids in liquids, addition of flavours or colours as well as ingredient incorporation.

Uniform Mixing

The angle of Mixquip Series 50 Clamp On Mixers can be varied by up to 15° in both planes, to ensure that ingredients are thoroughly and consistently blended, thus preventing any pockets of uneven concentration in the mixture.

Chemical Reactions

Portable agitators speed up chemical reactions by maintaining a homogenous environment, which enables faster reaction times and increased process efficiency.

Suspension and Dissolution

Agitators ensure an even distribution of solids when they need to be suspended or dissolved in a liquid, such as in pharmaceutical formulations or wastewater treatment.

Quality Control

They play a crucial role in maintaining product quality and meeting stringent industry standards by preventing sedimentation, coagulation, or separation of components.


The portability of these agitators allows for their use in various tanks, vessels, or containers, providing flexibility in manufacturing and processing operations.

The key difference between a mixer and an agitator lies in their primary functions and the way they achieve mixing within a fluid or substance.

Mixers and agitators are used in industrial processes to maintain the homogeneity and uniformity of mixtures.

Mixers are designed for blending components with similar properties, while agitators are used for substances with varying viscosities. Mixers use blades, paddles, or propellers, which rotate or move within the mixture to generate a force that blends the substances by folding, cutting, or shearing them.

On the other hand, agitators prevent the settling, separation, or stratification of the components within a container. They achieve this by creating controlled turbulence or agitation within the liquid or mixture using impellers or blades attached to a rotating shaft. The primary goal of an agitator is to keep the mixture in motion, ensuring that all components remain well-distributed and that chemical reactions proceed at a consistent rate.

Why Choose Mixquip’s Portable Agitator?

At Mixquip, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in industrial mixing processes. That’s why we offer a range of portable agitators designed to meet your needs. There are several scenarios where choosing a portable agitator from Mixquip can prove beneficial:

Streamlined Maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. Our portable agitators make it easy to remove and clean, reducing the risk of contamination.

Versatility in Mixing

Different mixing processes may require different agitator types or configurations. Our portable agitators allow you to quickly interchange agitator elements, adapting to changing mixing needs without extended downtime.

Batch-to-Batch Adaptation

Mixquip’s portable agitators simplify the process for products with varying batch requirements. Switch between agitators made for specific batch specifications with ease.

Efficient Maintenance and Repair

When agitator maintenance or repair is necessary, our portable design simplifies the process, reducing downtime and minimising disruptions to production. Mixquip Portable Agitators are Australian Made with all parts readily available.

Seamless Scale-Up

In research, development, or pilot-scale operations, our portable agitators facilitate smooth scale-up to larger vessels, allowing testing of different agitator designs without significant investment.

Easy Installation

Setting up a new mixing system is a breeze with Mixquip’s portable agitators. They can be effortlessly fitted into your vessel or tank, streamlining the setup and commissioning process.

Hybrid Mixing Systems

Some processes benefit from various agitation methods. Our portable agitators enable the integration of hybrid systems, maximising mixing efficiency.

Multi-Purpose Vessels

Our portable agitators provide the versatility you need if your facility employs vessels or tanks for multiple purposes. Switch between processes by simply changing the agitator, optimising resource utilisation.

Contact Us for Customised Solutions

Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist if you have questions, need custom solutions, or want to learn more about our portable agitators and their benefits for your industrial processes. Contact us for expert guidance and answers to your inquiries, and find the perfect portable agitator for your specific needs. To explore our portable agitator options simply request a quote or fill in our contact form below.