Docing Inline Mixer – Series 750

Mixquip 750 series mixing devices are motionless devices, designed and manufactured in Australia by Teralba Industries. The 750 is used for combining liquids together and create a homogenous mixture, inline. There is no mixing tank required.


Versatile Design

By harnessing the flow velocities of 2 or more liquids along with a helical configured, inserted mixing element, the pumping energy forces the liquids to combine by using inserted elements to break up the boundary layers in the tube and induce significant eddies and vortices to the flow behaviour. By varying the diameter and length of the mixing element, the 750 series can be used to effectively combine liquid flows in any ratio. Works great for equal ratios, ( 1:1) as it does for dosing ratios such as 1 part to 500 parts. Our team can assess your application and make a selection to suit.

Gaseous combinations are also effectively mixed with Mixquip 750 series units.

Low Maintenance

The Mixquip 750 series inline mixers have no moving parts that require service, and these units operate effectively on a full range of low-medium viscosity liquids. Instead of moving parts, there are ovaloid shape plates arranged in a twisted configuration. This forces the flow through a convoluted path and creates significant and thorough mixing/blending.

In sanitary applications, the inserted mixing element is configured to allow simple removal for inspection and cleanliness validation.

High Quality Construction

We manufacture these units in Stainless steel, including Duplex series alloys. In high sanitary applications, elements and the housing tubes are available with guartanteed surface roughness values of 0.5 Ra or better. Electropolishing completes the package for the ultimate in cleanability.

We are also able to build Mixquip 750 series units in Titanium, polymer, and other materials. Just ask. Chances are, that with more than 35 years experience, we will have what you need, and we will have done it before.


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